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Often seen as an unnecessary expense by small business owners at the outset of their business, terms and conditions have time and again proven to be a great investment and money saving asset to our business

As a business owner for the first time when starting up Showcase Web Development, I was definitely one of those uninitiated souls who thought that Terms and Conditions were something I could get sorted later on in my business life – when I had some spare cash and I wanted to shore up the business.

In fact, what I came to realize is that by having a set of bespoke terms and conditions delivered, I actually began to understand my own products and services better and was able to identify and fix flaws in them and their delivery.

As a result I am:

  1. safer as a business because I have up to date and relevant terms and conditions and
  2. better able to explain to my clients the in’s and out’s of their service as well as the requirements I have as part of delivering that service.

Our communication is now clearer with clients and this has lead to a reduction in ‘difficult’ clients and problems with service delivery.

If I could start again, I would certainly find the cash at the outset of the business to ensure that both us and our clients are adequately protected and helped by the terms and conditions of quote and sale, and the services and products on offer have been thought through at a level deep enough to stand up to legal scrutiny – directly outlining the legal obligations of the service which we need to uphold.

It’s a powerful feeling when you are an a solid foundation, and getting these T&C’s in place has certainly improved the foundation of our service delivery.

I would recommend any startup and small business to get their T&C’s in order as a priority – it will improve sales, reduce complaints and stress and provide a good foundation should difficulties still arise with clients – which as unpalatable as it may be WILL happen at some point inevitably.

If you want to know who we used to complete our terms and conditions, please contact us directly and we’d be more than happy to make the introduction.