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It is essential to understand the performance of your website; in terms of the numbers of people visiting and what they are doing when on your site. With Google analytics you get statistics and reports of the movement and actions of the people on your website. Google Analytics offers various tools and using those we create reports that tell you exactly how your website is performing.

With Google Analytics, we can now answer key questions such as:

  • What sites create a link to your website and
  • How many referrals does your website get through external links.
  • How many visitors are new and what % return?

With these timely reports, you can easily design your ad campaign and strategize your advertisements accordingly.

As Google Analytics is free it is an essential tool and provides huge benefits to your business. With analytics you can easily get understand your target audience who may or may not be visiting your website. With these accessible reports you can gauge the weaknesses and loop holes in your website and implement marketing which can then fix them accordingly.