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Are you always forgetting passwords?

Do you wish there was just some way to remember all those passwords and make sure they are all secure at the same time?

Say hello to my little friend – Lastpass.

As you can imagine, as web developers we have to remember about a million different passwords – and that’s just for our own stuff.

As soon as you start adding client’s details into the mix, it becomes pretty difficult to remember and find passwords for everything – especially since it would be pretty irresponsible for use to write these down!

We needed a solution – and boy, did we find it!

Last year, while looking to solve this tricky situation we stumbled upon Lastpass.

This basically (and most importantly) acts as a list of all your passwords for websites.

It’s secure and simple to use. But it’s much more than that.

Very quickly we discovered the browser add-ons which are free and means that when you navigate to websites, when you have the add-on, it pre-populates the username and passwords for you!


Not only that, when you navigate to a new website and register, you are provided with the option to save the details automagically!

This saves us 100’s of hours a year alone!

Not only this, there are a load of other REALLY useful features which are worth shouting about.


Best Features of Lastpass

  • Generate ridiculously tricky passwords
    • We would always recommend using passwords which make no sense, are at least 12 characters long and use special characters – in the interests of security.
    • However, it’s not always practical to remember loads of passwords which are deliberately difficult to remember!
    • Lastpass saves you from this because a) it generates the password and b) it saves it for the site so you don’t ever need to remember it.
  • Cross Device
    • Whilst this may sound techy – it basically means that you can download the free app on mobiles and tablets.
    • This means that you take your passwords with you everywhere you go.
    • What about if my tablet or mobile is stolen I hear you ask – they’ve thought of that!
    • Dependent on the device, you will either be asked for a password, pin code or (my personal favorite), a fingerprint to unlock the app.
  • Sharing
    • For us, this is crucial.
    • The ability to allow others to access our stuff without revealing our passwords is indescribably useful!
    • Need to let your developer into your hosting temporarily? Share access with them then revoke it when ready!
  • Pricing
    • Not only can you get started for FREE, but even the pro version is ridiculously inexpensive at $12 a year!
    • That is $1 a month folks to resolve this forgetting passwords issue. It’s a no-brainer really!

This really is the solution many of you have been searching for.

Also, there are alternatives out there which a quick google could locate, but we’re unable to recommend them due to not using them.

However, if you work with us, you will be urged to look at using Lastpass for your own privacy and peace-of-mind and it will stop you losing or forgetting passwords on ANY DEVICE – full stop.

Enjoy 🙂