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Enhancing existing websites is one of our favourite things. By website enhancements, I mean anything from fixing things which have broken or changed over time to adding new features. We can carry out a range of changes from little tweaks to more substantial developments.

(Notes added for the benefit of our online readers)
Here are some specific examples of Website Enhancements:

  • Things not working as they should, such as contact forms and broken pages
  • Things not working as desired in terms of a process – logging in happens on the wrong page
  • Wanting to add new pages to a website
  • Performance enhancements such as speed improvement and reduction of errors
  • Implementation of new functionality, like adding a blog function to an existing website


It doesn’t have to cost the earth to get things looking or working the way you want. These investments will almost always provide interest and returns from your target markets and you will get a longer life of product too, as we can potentially improve other things whilst we are working on the site.

Is there anyone you know who could do with some website enhancements?

Talk to us about WordPress, CMS and Magento development. We also tackle bespoke builds.

(Note for online readers)
We can tackle bespoke builds, website performance enhancements and bug fixes in a range of platforms – we are not limited to wordpress although this is a preference. We not only have a vast amount of experience in-house, but we also have built up a substantial network of website developers who we can rely on and manage to resolve issues and deliver projects. If in doubt, contact us and in the unlikely event we can’t help meet your requirements, we will be able to point you in the right direction of somebody who can.

If so, please put them in touch and we’ll give their target market something to shout about rather than letting them continue to miss out.