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Today I’d like to talk about the ‘build’ category of services.

We build websites.

It’s our core business and expertise, and something we love to do.

When we look at a website build, we take into consideration the “3 P’s” :

  1. Purpose – What is the purpose of the website and who is its intended target audience?
  2. Platform – What is the most appropriate platform for this type of website and what are its limitations?
  3. People – What are the people who will be running and maintaining the website like?

Once we understand these concepts, then we are in a good place to make a recommendation as to the most appropriate look for the site, the best platform to build a new site on and crucially, what support the person or business is going to need post-launch.

So if you know anyone who could do with a review of their website in light of the 3 P’s, then please – we’d love to hear from them.