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It’s certainly very exciting when you have established your business on the world wide web for the first time. But remember merely putting up your website is no guarantee that people will instantly hear about you and find your business. Now that your website is up and running the real work has only just

Before we go into the various technical aspects of website promotion I feel it is necessary to emphasise the importance of traditional marketing methods. Most people believe that if you have a website you can safely do away with ‘old school’ methods of advertising and promotion. I’m here to burst that bubble and say openly you can’t. Not if you want your business to enjoy the widespread exposure it deserves.

Your marketing efforts should be conducted both online and offline. Especially when launching a new website, offline promotions make sense as the perfect starting point to arouse interest and share value to potential customers.

Social Media

Making a reasonable amount of noise on social networks is very useful in bringing much-needed exposure to your snazzy new website. It also shows people you are up to date with the culture and interaction so prevalent on the internet these days.

Local or relevant publications

You should also make it a point to spread the good news about your website to trade publications within your industry. And a press release which had the potential to get picked up by popular news hubs will further cement your foundation online.


Real life networking at events has tremendous value for establishing business connections and friendships. It’s also the perfect opportunity to speak about your recent website launch to new interested parties in your industry. Business cards, flyers and brochures still have a place in business if they didn’t they would become entirely obsolete. Now that your website is up and running don’t be shy to advertise your website’s URL on these forms of printed media.

Here at Showcase Web Development we offer a wide array of peripheral services which include many traditional forms of advertising and marketing. We take these just as serious as we do for our regular web services.

Next time we’ll take the whole affair of promoting your new website to an even higher level. Be sure to watch out for part 2 of this series which will cover the importance of internet based advertising.