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In our part 2, we looked at how PPC advertising, among other things, can be useful in gaining a new website much needed initial traffic. Now let us look at long term strategies that will become part and parcel of your online marketing plan.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

You may have heard about SEO and why it is important for a website to increase its traffic and ensure a constantly widening presence on the web. Before I start to bore you with the technical details of what search engine optimization is, or is not, let me stop right there and tell you that it is not as easy as 1-2-3.

The web has evolved tremendously over the years and search engines like Google have become rather sophisticated indeed. Gone are the days when a webmaster could pull a few easy strings and turn the system to their advantage. So please let’s not join the party that is always looking for the easy way out.

“White hat” SEO (methods of online marketing which are in keeping with Google’s terms and conditions) are still the best way to go. Basically, it’s all about relevance and how much value you are able to provide to a visitor. Google also looks at various other factors which detect if you are in fact trying to squeeze them for results in an unnatural way.

A proper content marketing plan which actually provides benefit to visitors will make sure you do not infringe upon Google’s guidelines or any of their upcoming updates. The last thing you need when you are just starting out is to land yourself in Google’s black book of rule breakers – those exploiting ‘Black hat’ techniques.

So although SEO is highly important, it is always going to be open to interpretation. The best thing you can do is to partner with a company like Showcase Web Development who have witnessed and experienced the ever changing web. We have learnt over the years to build and refine reliable SEO techniques which work. We use these to help our clients gain traffic over the long term and not just in short bursts as some SEO’s out there would have you pay for.

We also take a holistic approach to internet marketing which means we do not put all your eggs into a single proverbial basket. Online marketing is so much more than SEO, and we see to it that all your bases are covered.

Only by combining SEO, social media, and various offline marketing tools can your website and business hope to makes its mark in the digital age. Internet marketing needs to be aggressive yet smart enough to allow for changes and updates in search engine technologies. This is why we believe we are in the perfect position to guide and advise you wisely while helping you get the maximum benefits out of your SEO campaigns.

Clever SEO takes time, dedication and consistency. But the long-lasting outcomes make it worth it.