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Quest Furnishings was taken over by a new, younger business but the name was retained since it was almost 30 years old. With an established presence in Banbury, the new owners were anxious to modernise the business without losing touch of it’s roots and existing client-base.

The website needed to be simple to use, showcase their products and it’s main aim is to attract physical visitors to the store – since being able to see, touch and smell the quality of the products is what sells them in this industry.


To achieve the showcasing of the products, we used a model of an ecommerce store but removed the checkout – since each unit is bespoke it didn’t make sense to allow visitors to checkout online.

In order to entice leads, contact and eventually visitors, we littered the pages with calls to action and made as many of the contact options links as possible – automating as much of the process as we could.

We also ensured that the website was very image heavy so that potential customers can imagine the feel and look of the materials.


The website we produced suited the brief really well and the client’s were happy. We managed to retain the colours and logo of the previous brand, whilst integrating them well with a modern, image-heavy approach to the website.

The UX (User Experience) is intuitive as it mimics more popular sites such as eBay, where even the older generation are familiar with navigating around products.


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Quest Furnishings

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