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Kingsley Health and Beauty

  • Kingsley Health and Beauty


As a well-established Northampton business, the Kingsley Health and Beauty Solarium has a vast range of services and treatments available to their customers and they wanted these communicated to their website visitors in a suitably beautiful manner – one that reflects their status as a premium, Guinot salon.


We approached this as  an ecommerce store without the checkout functionality – in order to showcase the products and services the business has to offer.

The website reflects the categorisation and service list that’s printed in the physical booklets available from the clinic, so it helps with brand consistency and visitors being familiar with the services.

The ecommerce approach is designed to provide an intuitive user interface for customers, visitors and potential customers.


We’ve maintained and hosted this website for a number of years now and the client is very happy with the design and continued positive feedback they are receiving as a result.


The guys at Ellis Caravans were feeling a bit let down by previous web developers who had promised the world and not delivered. Their needs were fairly simple – a website that allowed them to showcase their current stock of caravans and motorhomes (that they could manage themselves) whilst also advertising other aspects of their business such as the servicing and repair side, but had not been properly addressed on previous builds.

They had identified their target market to be  inclusive of the ‘older generation’ for whom camping and caravanning is a big draw – so the website navigation and presentation needed to be clear and intuitive.

Budget-wise, whilst a successful business, they didn’t have £1000’s to splash about on a website, particularly given their track record with developers – so we needed to deliver something workable on a smaller budget that would accommodate their needs.


In order to keep the budget to the minimum, we identified the features that were mission-critical – namely the showcasing of the stock and the interactivity there.

We decided that the best way to present this would be as an eCommerce setup but without the checkout functionality. This gave the user a familiar feel and intuitive usage whilst allowing them to present the caravans/motorhomes in their best light.

From this, we worked backwards keeping the design simple and clean in order to preserve time (& budget) and keep it easy for the target audience to use the website effectively.

One of the other key features is the filter system on the homepage banner, which is effectively there to present the user with a choice of which side of the business they are interested in – and then very quickly direct them to the relevant part of the website.

We included a few other features that allow users to very quickly achieve/find what they want – such as the company contact and address detail as well as the search icon in the main navigation and the map on the homepage.


The Ellis’ team were delighted at the outcome of the project and it ticked every part of their brief. Following the release of the website, they received great feedback from their clients and the website continues to help them advertise themselves as the professional business they are and it aligns well with their values of ‘customer service is key’ – because the website is all about being focused and helpful with the presentation of information.

The guys at Ellis continue to self-manage the day-to-day stock rotation on their website, whilst we maintain the website from a technical point of view – meaning they are able to focus on the things that matter most to them – which is running their business and servicing their clients.

We’re really proud of the Google Review left by the team @ Ellis:


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Kingsley Health and Beauty

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