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Kidsstop are a great bunch of ladies who do a great job for the children in their care. Having been unexpectedly thrust into a situation where they needed to start from scratch again online, we were against the clock on implementing something that looked great and would generate a load of new business for the company.

The website needed to really show off what they do, make it fun and enjoyable yet keep it easy for time-strapped parents to navigate and use effectively.

We tackled the hosting, emails and website for Kidsstop during this build.


Every detail of this website is designed to look intersting, bright and fun. The buttons, design, backgrounds and on-page elements are designed to stand out and be bold in colour and design.

Subtle animations make using this website feel smooth, and the large amount of images and how they are used on the site means parents are able to see what the children get up to, whilst the staff are able to easily maintain the website and keep it upto date.

One nice feature of this website is the parent portal – designed so that parents can sign documents online – reducing the need for paperwork in an already paperwork-filled industry.


The striking stand-out design and colours of the website really help to illustrate the fun and ‘madness’ encountered day-to-day at Kidsstop!

The website is functional with each key area really easy to find and use. The parents/visitors that we’ve received feedback from have been really impressed and it’s now quite a memorable website.

We continue to host and maintain the website for Kidsstop – leaving them to focus on brightening up the days of the children.

Project url: https://kidsstop.co.uk

Category: Childcare

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