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Billings Morgage and Insurance Services

  • Billings Morgage and Insurance Services


Billings was a startup when we became involved in creating their website. We were tasked with creating an online identity for the business that helped it to identify with it’s target market – high net worth individuals who wanted a premium and trustworthy service.

As part of a regulated industry, Billings are required to ensure certain wording is included on certain pages in certain size font, so there were some challenges around incorporating the relevant text in a way that fits in with the identity mentioned above.


We were client-led in terms of colours, logo and images and so had to focus primarily on User Experience (UX) and functionality.

With regards to the design, the logo was provided and we ensured we fixed this prominently in the background as it has quite a strong, sophisticated feel to it. This also matched the letterheaded paper used within the business and helps to cement the brand – helping to improve it’s ‘consistent’ feel.

We used animations in order to help bring this site alive and turn it into a smoother, more polished feeling website.


We were delighted when the project was concluded so successfully. The finished website exudes a professional, knowledgeable feel and fits perfectly on brand.

It’s a really simple to use website and we even managed to include the disclaimers in without them negatively affecting the design.

We are also really proud of the mortgage calculator that we created especially for the project.


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Billings Morgage and Insurance Services

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