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Website Tune Up


Our Website Tune Up service is designed as an introduction to website maintenance, and involves bringing the website up to modern technical and security standards. It’s a one-off charge for a one off service. See the features below for more information.

**Please note, this is for WordPress websites only**



Our Website Tune Up service covers the following:

  • Reports to understand your website’s current technical performance and identify issues (GTMetrix & Screaming Frog)
  • Create a website backup
  • Update Platform/Theme/Plugins where possible
  • Error check the website
  • Implement security best-practices
    • Delete unnecessary or out of date plugins and themes
    • Install and configure our security suite
  • Check for Google Analytics
  • Check contact forms
  • Ensure website has OpenGraph and Schema installed so you can share it to social media more effectively
  • Check for (and install if needed) the necessary sitemap and submit to Google/ Bing / Yahoo
  • Optimize database for optimal performance
  • Speed the website up
  • Optimize website images if necessary
  • Re-run the initial reports to demonstrate your technical and security improvements

WEBSITE CARE PLANS: Please note, if your website was not created by Showcase, we require that you undergo a Website Tune Up before coming onto one of our Website Care Plans, so we can ensure that the site is of a satisfactory standard to maintain.


After undergoing a Website Tune Up, your website will be in-line with modern security and technical performance standards. Basically, it means your website will be faster and more secure than it was before.



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What happens after I purchase?

Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to a thank you page with a form that will ask you to provide your website access credentials so that we may access the website and start the Tune Up.


How long will it take to complete the Tune Up?

We aim to deliver the final summary report back to you within 7 days of your purchase.


Can you guarantee performance increases?

Whilst we can’t *guarantee* performance increases – in terms of speeding the website up, we’re confident that you will experience an improvement. It’s objectively measured by GTMetrix (https://gtmetrix.com) which you can also test (it’s a free service). We always aim for at least a C/C score, but this is not always possible due to how some WordPress themes have been built. However, we do offer web development services that you could purchase as an extra that would allow us to fix these issues – but are outside the scope of a Website Tune Up.

There are also another host of benefits to the Website Tune Up service – not least added security measures and SEO benefits as well.

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Website Tune Up

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