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Cookie Management Banner

£9.60£37.20 per month
+£50 One-off fee


Get yourself GDPR compliant with this industry-leading Cookie Compliance banner that helps your users know and understand what cookies are in use on your website. It also allows them to disable cookies that they don’t want to be subject too – helping you remain GDPR compliant.

As part of GDPR, you (as a website owner) are required to make it transparent as to what cookies the website is using, and provide a way to allow users to opt-out of using them. This changes from website to website and it can be a painful process to implement as you need to be able to turn certain cookies off dependent on each users’ preferences.

However, we’ve teamed up with CookieBot to offer our clients a cutting-edge solution that makes it totally hands-off for you (the website owner) to manage.


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Cookie Management Banner

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