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“Successful people do as successful people did” – it’s a new quote I’ve just come up with. It’s based on an age-old concept, outlined in Think and Grow Rich, and many other subsequent books. Establishing great, successful habits is something all successful people have to do…


Nigel Botterill, although I’ve never met him, has been a very successful man. Starting 8 £1M+ businesses in 8 years, he has a trick or two up his sleeve. And one of these he mentions ALL THE TIME and I believe is key to becoming successful – the first thing you do every day should be to attract new customers – as without new customers, you have no business.

Simple, huh? Well it gets better – he goes on to suggest that for 90 minutes every morning, before even checking your emails, you should be doing something to market your business. This adds up to 7.5 hours a week (almost a full day) of simply advertising your business!


Some suggested habits for becoming successful:

  • Being grateful for the things you have – you then appreciate it more
  • Take action – you only have two outcomes – successes or lessons
  • Celebrate success – you will grow to crave success and acheive more as a result
  • Read quotes, excerpts or articles from successful business owners
  • Affirmations – give yourself positive suggestions and remind yourself how well you are doing
  • Surround yourself with successful people and talk to them often – it will rub off on you

There are many more habits to becoming successful that you could be getting into, and I would welcome any suggestions from you!