vector - bar chart showing increase over time

Just this bank holiday weekend, I was in front of my pc working on the website of a well-known TV magician, creating an automated sales funnel.

When a user goes to his site and requests more information, they are emailed half an hour later with some attachments and a link to provide further information.

They press the link and provide more contact details, plus the venue and the date and the system automagically checks his google calendar to see if the date is free. If yes, then half hour later they are emailed to say “yes, the date is free but spaces fill up quickly so pay a deposit and I’ll book the day for you”, if “no” then they are emailed to say sorry I’m not available but I know someone that is – pay a deposit and I’ll book them for you and put you in touch.

Its great because, although the user thinks they’ve been having a multi-email conversation with him, he’s never heard of them until they are booked into his diary and a deposit is paid.

Could this be something you or someone you know could use?