vector - pen and pencil over a set-square

This is part 4 of our logo design concepts mini series and although we touched on this before with embroidery, it’s important to note that size matters!

If you’ve missed part 3, please revisit it so that this makes sense.

In our school example, the logo will be presented the most on small media such as jumpers, A4 print etc.

So we need to ensure that the text and images used are able to be rendered well on these media.

The jumpers, in theory could be embroidered or screen printed, which provides 2 different levels of detail which can be obtained, so this should certainly form part of your consideration.

Accessibility: Having text on a logo is something we’ve considered earlier on in the piece, and if you decide you want text – that’s great. You just need to be cautious of the text:logo proportions.

Having too small a proportion will make things more difficult for the elderly and/ or visually impaired.

You could argue that having an image only logo would present the same challenges, but simple and recognizable shapes are easier to interpret than text normally and will at very least provide ‘context’ to help people understand the text (even if they can’t read it).

A good example of this is the Apple logo – where the Apple image itself is recognizable worldwide, but the words itself are not quite as memorable.


In part 5, we will explore the importance of selecting the orientation of your logo carefully based upon your marketing plan.