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This is the continuation of our mini-series of posts regarding logo design and the considerations around it.

If you missed Part 1, I would recommend going back and starting there.

For those of you continuing from Part 1, let’s explore the meaning behind logos…..


It’s important to understand the purpose of a logo and harness its meaning.

A logo is a visual representation of the values and ambitions you have for the company, however those may manifest themselves. It is a way of unifying the company and building a connection with your customers.

An ultimate logo should be unique and should evoke a positive feeling with your consumers. The best way to do this is by incorporating a genuine and honest meaning into your logo that makes it truly your own.

An Example – Domino’s Pizza

Let’s take one of the most famous examples – Domino’s Pizza.

On the company’s about us page, it explains the meaning behind a crucial element of the logo:

The logo has context and everytime Tom Monaghan looked at the Domino’s logo, he must have been reminded of the purpose of his business and the goals he had for it.

Nowadays, the Dominos logo is instantly recognizable and has become a household brand identity, effectively communicating the business and everything it stands for into houses across the world.

You need to make sure that the message you are sending out to people is the one you actually want to convey, so some serious thought and consideration need to be put into how others can interpret your logo.


Hidden Meanings – FedEx and Amazon

An example for a hidden meaning behind a logo is the example of FedEx.

If you look closely – you’ll actually notice that there is a hidden arrow between the ‘Ex’ of the logo. This represents the forward-thinking attitude of the company and their values.

This is another way to incorporate more depth to your logo and its representation.


Another company that has a ‘hidden’ meaning is Amazon.

See if you can spot the extra layer of meaning just by looking at the logo.

You’ll see that there is an arrow pointing from the ‘A’ to the ‘Z’ – this is Amazon’s way of telling its customers that it has a whole, diverse range of products ranging from A to Z!


An Unfortunate Example

Now, you can tell the business owner must have been a little naïve when he commissioned this design because, if I now add the company name back in….

This is a genuine example of misinterpretation (or a graphic designer’s in-joke) and you can read the full story here.


Summary of Logo Meaning

You will have to see your logo a LOT over the course of your venture, and it’s a good idea to take some time to settle on a design that means something to you – and will continue to mean something to you in the future.

Get the opinions of friends and family as they will offer a good sounding board and may even have different interpretations of your logo.

In part 3 we’ll be looking at some different types of logo.