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All In One WP Security & Firewall Tool

This simple tool is designed to help you quickly and easily configure the settings on your installation of All in One WP Security and Firewall. This, for us, is the security plugin we recommend to all our clients and is quick and efficient way to help bolster the security of your WordPress website.

Where are we sending the finished code?

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Server Updates – possible warning on email accounts

As part of our ongoing attempts to improve the services we provide for our clients, we are currently in the process of upgrading our servers to make them faster and more secure. As part of this upgrade, we are currently migrating all mailboxes (email accounts) hosted by us across to the new server.

Some of our clients may now begin to experience a popup which is entitled, “Cannot verify server identity”. This is particularly likely to happen in Safari browsers on iOS devices.

We use a data centre here in the UK and as they have millions of emails passing through their building each and every day, they have to have a high-end data protection insurance. Part of the criteria for this is that they need to have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate in place to cover all the emails passing through the building.

As they have millions of customers, each with their own domains, it is only possible to achieve this by setting up a single domain – which in this case is stackmail.com – and passing all the emails through that. Obviously, as this is different from your domain name – hence why iOS devices are triggering a warning looking like this:

Nothing to worry about This is nothing to worry about and is easily resolved. As you can see, there is the option to ‘Continue’. Simply press this – the popup may appear again – and you may continue to use your emails as normal.


What if I still have difficulties?


If you do however experience any difficulties, please complete the form below, or if you are looking for support with your existing set up call us now on 01604 212535.


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WordPress Update – 4.6 Released – Pepper Adams

It’s arrived!

The latest WordPress update which promises to be faster and more efficient to all involved in using it to host and publish their content – whether for a website or blog.

Features in this WordPress Update

Here’s the video from the WordPress Dashboard:

If you don’t have time to watch, here is the breakdown of the 5 new features from the newest WordPress update:

  1. Simpler workflow for adding, previewing and updating themes
    • This means that you can apply, check and update themes much more easily without ever leaving the screen you are on. Really useful if you like to keep things fresh.
  2. Broken link checker when you add a link
    • This is a really useful feature – no longer should typos be an issue when adding links into your text.
    • WordPress will highlight the link red when you type it to signify it’s not a valid link – allowing you to correct it there and then!
  3. Drafts are saved locally whilst writing
    • This is another really useful feature, too. As you type and create your post, WordPress automatically saves a copy in your browser meaning that, if unexpectedly you lose Internet connection, instead of the page being stuck there unable to save, your draft is stored.
    • You can continue creating the content and hope that the connection is restored before you finish or, if that’s not the case, you can rely on the browser cache to kick in when the connection finally is restored. You should not lose your work now.
  4.  Font changes to the backend mean that it loads faster
    • To be honest, I’d never thought of this, but it makes total sense.
    • WordPress now detects which OS (operating system) you are using – whether Mac or Windows – and then renders the admin panel in the default font for your OS. This saves on loading a custom font and speeds things up for you. Clever!
  5. Stability improvements
    • As always, it’s important to keep improving stability and any upgrade (particularly WordPress upgrades) should address security and bugs. This is another load of things resolved hopefully.

Focus of the release

The focus on this release is speed and improving the workflow in order to allow you to manage your CMS much faster – saving you time and money in the process!

Great idea, and I have to say that I’m really impressed by the speed of this release since the last one up to 4.5.

It seems that the WordPress release cycles (time between upgrades) are getting shorter – meaning that the platform is improving and reacting to its environment more quickly – for the benefit of all involved!


Need help upgrading? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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Bye-bye to CMS Made Simple Websites

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to release this announcement.

We are no longer going to be developing websites in CMS Made Simple unless we are specifically asked to by our client.

We feel it’s appropriate to make the announcement on our blog as people are still approaching us because we are known for creating CMS Made Simple websites. Unfortunately, we feel it’s just not a way of delivering quality websites to our clients at a reasonable pace – despite 2 years of constant development in the platform.

It may (and most likely is) be something we were doing. But in the name of constant business development we have made this decision.


Reasons for dropping CMS Made Simple

The reason behind this difficult decision is two-fold:

  1. Speed of delivery – over the past 6 months we’ve been monitoring the speed of delivery of our projects and have noticed that WordPress websites are by far and away the fastest. This, although of course not always the best option or determining factor, meant that for the duration of the test, our customer satisfaction went up overall mainly because we turned things round more quickly AND there is a business case for ‘more, happier clients’.
  2. Bugs / Technical issues – we have been the victim of circumstance over the last 6 months too. There have been big developments in the the CMS Made Simple platform which is great. However, we keep running into problems when the module or modules that you need haven’t been updated in-line with the platform. This has on more than one occasion negatively affected our delivery time and caused issues for projects. We’ve found this to be unacceptable to our business model and brand promises.


It’s Been a Journey…

Now, we don’t want to be seen as being derogatory to CMS Made Simple. After all, our first couple of years were devoted to working primarily on the platform.

However, we’ve found that the recent advancements (especially in security) in WordPress have made it such a more viable option. This in turn enables us to worry less on bugs and more on tangible look and feel results. This is better for us and better for our clients.


A Fond Farewell

We would like to wish the development team at CMSMS all the success in the world with the platform.

As previously mentioned, we will continue to develop on the platform at a client’s request as well as maintaining existing CMS Made Simple websites.

Thank you for all the support we’ve had from the dev team and I look forward to hearing from you in the future with some revolutionary new updates which maybe make CMSMS a more viable option than WordPress.


What Happens Next?

We are now firmly focussed on developing and maintaining our websites in WordPress and as a result of this focus we are able to deliver much better website development and maintenance services.

As we work predominantly on a white label basis, we can help with your website requirements and our team of developers are experienced in working with other platforms like CMS Made Simple.

We may be able to help in solving problems, developing and improving existing CMS Made Simple websites.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

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Why get bespoke Terms & Conditions?

Often seen as an unnecessary expense by small business owners at the outset of their business, terms and conditions have time and again proven to be a great investment and money saving asset to our business

As a business owner for the first time when starting up Showcase Web Development, I was definitely one of those uninitiated souls who thought that Terms and Conditions were something I could get sorted later on in my business life – when I had some spare cash and I wanted to shore up the business.

In fact, what I came to realize is that by having a set of bespoke terms and conditions delivered, I actually began to understand my own products and services better and was able to identify and fix flaws in them and their delivery.

As a result I am:

  1. safer as a business because I have up to date and relevant terms and conditions and
  2. better able to explain to my clients the in’s and out’s of their service as well as the requirements I have as part of delivering that service.

Our communication is now clearer with clients and this has lead to a reduction in ‘difficult’ clients and problems with service delivery.

If I could start again, I would certainly find the cash at the outset of the business to ensure that both us and our clients are adequately protected and helped by the terms and conditions of quote and sale, and the services and products on offer have been thought through at a level deep enough to stand up to legal scrutiny – directly outlining the legal obligations of the service which we need to uphold.

It’s a powerful feeling when you are an a solid foundation, and getting these T&C’s in place has certainly improved the foundation of our service delivery.

I would recommend any startup and small business to get their T&C’s in order as a priority – it will improve sales, reduce complaints and stress and provide a good foundation should difficulties still arise with clients – which as unpalatable as it may be WILL happen at some point inevitably.

If you want to know who we used to complete our terms and conditions, please contact us directly and we’d be more than happy to make the introduction.

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