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It’s with a heavy heart that we have to release this announcement.

We are no longer going to be developing websites in CMS Made Simple unless we are specifically asked to by our client.

We feel it’s appropriate to make the announcement on our blog as people are still approaching us because we are known for creating CMS Made Simple websites. Unfortunately, we feel it’s just not a way of delivering quality websites to our clients at a reasonable pace – despite 2 years of constant development in the platform.

It may (and most likely is) be something we were doing. But in the name of constant business development we have made this decision.


Reasons for dropping CMS Made Simple

The reason behind this difficult decision is two-fold:

  1. Speed of delivery – over the past 6 months we’ve been monitoring the speed of delivery of our projects and have noticed that WordPress websites are by far and away the fastest. This, although of course not always the best option or determining factor, meant that for the duration of the test, our customer satisfaction went up overall mainly because we turned things round more quickly AND there is a business case for ‘more, happier clients’.
  2. Bugs / Technical issues – we have been the victim of circumstance over the last 6 months too. There have been big developments in the the CMS Made Simple platform which is great. However, we keep running into problems when the module or modules that you need haven’t been updated in-line with the platform. This has on more than one occasion negatively affected our delivery time and caused issues for projects. We’ve found this to be unacceptable to our business model and brand promises.


It’s Been a Journey…

Now, we don’t want to be seen as being derogatory to CMS Made Simple. After all, our first couple of years were devoted to working primarily on the platform.

However, we’ve found that the recent advancements (especially in security) in WordPress have made it such a more viable option. This in turn enables us to worry less on bugs and more on tangible look and feel results. This is better for us and better for our clients.


A Fond Farewell

We would like to wish the development team at CMSMS all the success in the world with the platform.

As previously mentioned, we will continue to develop on the platform at a client’s request as well as maintaining existing CMS Made Simple websites.

Thank you for all the support we’ve had from the dev team and I look forward to hearing from you in the future with some revolutionary new updates which maybe make CMSMS a more viable option than WordPress.


What Happens Next?

We are now firmly focussed on developing and maintaining our websites in WordPress and as a result of this focus we are able to deliver much better website development and maintenance services.

As we work predominantly on a white label basis, we can help with your website requirements and our team of developers are experienced in working with other platforms like CMS Made Simple.

We may be able to help in solving problems, developing and improving existing CMS Made Simple websites.

Contact us today to see how we can help.